World First: Bastion Cycles produce first commercially available 3D printed road bike

As an early adopter of metal 3D printing, Bastion Cycles have been able to set up a niche market for what is a compelling and exciting new product.

The RAM3D team first met the Bastion Cycles team at the AUSTECH trade show in Melbourne in 2015. Post show they contacted RAM3D to provide a 3D printing service of frame parts using titanium 64.

This was Bastion’s first full-bike prototype using 3D metal printing and they were impressed with the result. 


“We appreciate the care and exceptional customer service from the team at RAM3D - Rapid Advanced Manufacturing specialists. They worked through several challenges to meet the very tight deadlines to ensure we were ready for the Show. That first bike allowed us to showcase the potential of our concept.”


Bastion and RAM3D work together to make the 3D printed parts for their bespoke bikes to work precisely, which is important when fitting pre-sized carbon fibre tube. They are proud to say they’ve developed the first commercially available 3D-printed road bike in the world. As an early adopter of metal 3D printing, they have been able to set up a niche market for what is a compelling and exciting new product.


At RAM3D we 3D print their lugs in Titanium 64, which is a high-grade titanium alloy, that boasts one of the highest strength to weight ratio of all engineering metals, is extremely corrosion resistant and is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust. 


The parts have an internal structural lattice added to it, resulting in less volume of metal but the part still maintains its strength while upholding thin walls of 0.5mm. This allows Bastion to achieve their breakthrough combination of performance and comfort in a lightweight bike.


Bastion is not a company to sit on its laurels and in their innovative way are always exploring their passion for bikes using their advanced engineering skills. They design bike parts for metal 3D printing for other bike manufacturers and are leading the way in this custom bike industry.


More recently RAM3D printed some custom handlebars for the Australian Paralympic tandem athletes. These handlebars allow the vision impaired athlete to find the ideal position behind the pilot. They have had some great results with several podiums on the world stage. We hope we will be seeing more of these on the track in the future

Currently Bastion Cycles have been working on a new lighter weight option in the form of their SL bike carving off 100-150g of the total weight. We are excited to see the development of this lighter bike and be involved in its 3D printing.


Three years later, they have designed and manufactured over 100 custom road bikes using 3D printed titanium lugs printed by us. This is an example of the technology being applied in true mass customisation as each bike is tailored to its rider.


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