Metal 3D Printing for Marine Industry

Additive Manufacturing is revolutionising the marine industry. This technology is much sought after by America’s Cup organisations, Olympic Games (49er sailing), boat builders and luxury yacht racing.

We are proud to share our expertise with these marine partners and provide them with better performing components, 3D printed in Titanium 64, Stainless Steel 15-5ph and Stainless Steel 316L.

An example of some of the parts we have 3D printed include halyard trays, boat shafts, mounting flanges and pignoses in titanium and stainless steel. For the Americas Cup teams we have printed light but maximum strength parts for their hydraulic systems, rudders and foils.

additive manufacturing


Pignose for super yachts

Every year we 3D print a number of these parts in titanium for large yachting events globally and this one was printed for a yacht in the Rolex Swan Cup. They vary in design, are vibratory polished, and finished with a hand polish.

Safety Knives for Americas Cup

As a leader in 3D metal printing, RAM3D was chosen to design and manufacture lightweight yet tough titanium safety knives for America's Cup sailors Team NZ with Victory Knives.

RAM3D set about designing a state-of-the-art knife that needed to be light but strong enough to cut through marine ropes. The knife and sheath were 3D printed in Ti64 alloy powder, then PVD coated, to produce a knife that can cut super strong marine ropes in one blade stroke compared to their existing knife which took ten strokes.

With all hands to the tiller, a trial knife was designed and printed within a week. A sheath that could be sewn on to the sailors’ wetsuits followed soon after.

After only one trial and a few changes, fifty-five knives were manufactured, boxed and sent to Team NZ three days early. The sailors tested the knife’s strength by throwing it off a building on to asphalt from approximately 14m and they did that about 20 times, and then threw it against a brick wall about 10 times and before running over it with a forklift 10 times!

That was their acceptance testing and it survived.

We continue to 3D print these exceptional knives for Victory Knives.

Victory Knives

"The Americas Cup Safety Team were ecstatic with the fast turnaround, and were amazed at the strength of the new product."

metal 3d printing for safety knifes

Some examples of our work for the Marine Industry