More Small Companies Harnessing Metal 3D Printing Technology

RAM3D have noticed an increase in smaller companies willing to embrace additive manufacturing and apply lessons they have learnt on their journey for their innovative products.

One of these companies is Backlanz, owned by Ethan Todd, a full-time engineer with a passion for hunting and the outdoor life. He has designed a unique detachable lightweight bipod for hunters that is half the weight of a standard hunting bipod.

Ethan was having trouble getting parts machined for his bipod and first contacted RAM3D in October 2018. New to metal 3D printing, he didn’t understand the process as he was used to designing for CNC machining. After printing his first prototype and further communication with the RAM3D team, he did some more work on his design. He was advised that by adding a lattice it would make the part easier to print without distortions, also making it lighter and more cost effective.

His first two prototypes were printed in Stainless Steel 15-5ph and 316L. Ethan now has his parts printed in Titanium 64 as he prefers the finish and the lightness of them. RAM3D are now printing production parts for Backlanz on a monthly basis.

In Ethan’s words “being an engineer, I decided to put my skills to use and make my goal become a reality”.