An Award For Year 13 Digital Technology Students 2021

The Request: From Karen Roche, Teacher of ICT, Aquinas College

The Idea: A 3D printed metal award.

The Guidelines:

It needs to be solid and durable for use each year and there was a preference for a shiny finish.

An approximate width of 10cm with an organic curved shape – a couple of visuals were sent to us and we were asked to provide our input.

The Process:

We requested a CAD model from Karen, discussed the materials available and what would be the most suitable material for the award.

Phil looked at some design ideas; we were asked to include an internal thread so they could attach some metal to fix it to the base that they were creating.

We created the design using Fusion 360 and Netfabb (generative design).

We sent a render with a height of 112cm tall and a base with a blind hole so it could be attached to the base and suggested 316 stainless steel for the metal – with the design agreed, we put pedal to the metal (so to speak) and got started printing!

Karen advised that part of the purpose of an award like this, was that it would show and encourage students what can be done with technology, ‘I try really hard to encourage students to take up Digital Technology as I feel it is just so incredibly important these days.’ And we totally agree (of course!)

We were sent the final photos and Pete, their Head of Department, was designing a wooden base with a RAM3D logo on it.

The result was a very resounding looks amazing!’ from Karen – it is great to receive feedback when you put so much time into such a project.

We’re always wanting feedback and this is what Karen said, ‘I found that all staff I had contact with were extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Which is a big plus for me.

It was incredible that Ram3D produced an alternative design to the one provided which would have taken extra work.

The documentation of the new design provided, made it easy to picture what the new design would look like. Communication was on point.

To be perfectly honest I was blown away that the product was produced for us for free. 

I am still touched by the generosity of RAM3D, we all were. The quality of the final product looks impressive with its intricate design.

It looked even better than the documentation provided. It was a perfect top for a modern Digital Technology trophy.’