Three Innovative Industries Revolutionised by Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D printing has completely transformed how we design and manufacture products across a range of industries. It is a game-changing technology where complex geometrics and customised designs can be created with unmatched speed and efficiency. The following blog explores three innovative industries being revolutionised by metal 3D printing.


The aerospace industry has always been at the forefront of science and technology. Metal 3D printing has enhanced the industry’s status as innovative, with its promise of aerospace parts that are strong, durable, and high performing.

One of the biggest transformations metal 3D printing brings to the aerospace industry is unparalleled lightweight parts. 3D printing allows aerospace engineers to dramatically reduce the weight of their metal components, leading to spacecrafts and satellites that are more fuel-efficient and cheaper to run.

At RAM3D, our metal 3D printing has been used for rocket engine and satellite parts such as thrust chambers, injectors, and fuel supply fittings. Through our metal 3D printing services, we can make high-quality aerospace parts quickly and cost-effectively.


With geometric shapes and striking designs, metal 3D printing has changed the way bicycles are both designed and manufactured. Professional cyclists want bespoke bicycles, and thanks to metal 3D printing, we can build lightweight, high-performing bikes tailored to the needs of each rider.

RAM3D prints thousands of bike parts each year, from framesets to cranks to sprockets and everything in between. Bike companies particularly love our 3D metal printing in titanium, which has the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all engineered metals. Our metal 3D printed handlebars have even been used in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.


Sought after by professional marine organisations including the America’s Cup and Olympic Games, 3D metal printing is changing the face of boat building and luxury yacht racing. It allows marine engineers and designers to create complex structures and build new parts with ease.

The marine industry relies on constant innovation, and metal 3D printing is one of the best ways to keep propelling the industry forward. Printing in both titanium and stainless steel, our strong yet lightweight 3D printed parts are an asset for hydraulic systems, rudders, and foils.

What else can metal 3D printing revolutionise?

Aerospace, cycling, and marine are three of the many industries being pushed forward with the help of metal 3D printing. If you have ideas or projects that might benefit from metal 3D printing, get in touch with the team at RAM3D – found in Tauranga, NZ, we are the largest independent metal 3D printing service provider in Australasia.