Sturdy Cycles ramps up production with RAM3D

On our recent drive through the English countryside to visit Tom Sturdy, it was clear to see how the villages with their twisty lanes and hilly terrains were perfect for a riding enthusiast. As an ex professional athlete in Triathlons, it seemed the ideal place for Tom and his customers to ride and test his Fiadh, Cilla and Tara bikes.

Like many bespoke bike designers and manufacturers, Tom’s bikes are custom made to suit their owner. Customers are measured and weighed and there is a base structure, and each frame is unique and tailored to a particular individual.

We’ve been working with Tom for over 6 years, and he has certainly increased the amount of titanium 3D printed parts on his bikes. In the beginning we printed the junctions and now print his forks, handlebars, crank set and seat posts. The forks took an incredible amount of work and have changed so much since the early ones were printed.

According to Tom , we now have a good production system that works for both of us. We have worked out a build system; we nest all the tall 3d printed cycling parts and the shorter parts together and it is working well. We are printing two builds per week.