RAM3D: Transforming Aerospace by Metal 3D Printing for Satellite Propulsion

3d printing for satellite components

We are transforming aerospace by metal 3D printing lighter, efficient propulsion for satellites. Metal 3D printing enables the creation of complex thrusters and fuel tank parts with previously impossible geometries, achieving significant mass reduction and boosting satellite efficiency. Propulsion is absolutely crucial for space satellites; without it, they wouldn’t reach their intended orbits. Once a…

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RAM3D: Partnering in Mission-Critical Aerospace with 3D Printing

spacecraft parts 3d printing

Metal 3D printing is revolutionising the space industry by enabling the creation of lighter, stronger, and more efficient parts with complex geometries. This technology will play an even bigger role in future space exploration endeavours. We have incorporated approximately 8,000 of our metal 3D printed aerospace components into spacecraft to date. On a yearly basis…

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How RAM3D is revolutionizing the bike industry

Custom built bikes with 3D printed titanium parts.

We have been metal 3D printing bicycle componentry for the last eleven years. Currently we print for about fifteen world-wide bicycle companies, consisting of large and small businesses. They all have embraced this technology and are more than pleased with their lighter frames and components that don’t compromise on strength. The parts we 3D print…

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Boosting output: RAM3D gears up with machine #12

When we moved into our new premises in 2016, we had a vision of what we wanted to accomplish. To provide a state-of-the-art metal 3D printing service offering advice on design, prototyping and full-scale production. Back then, we had just four additive manufacturing (AM) machines Over the next number of years we had to contend…

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The RAM3D Guide to Metal 3D Printing

3d metal printing

Metal 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has revolutionised the way industries manufacture and design their products. By creating intricate, strong, and lightweight components, this innovative technology has opened up new possibilities and advantages for various sectors. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of metal 3D printing and discover how it has…

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Three Innovative Industries Revolutionised by Metal 3D Printing

metal 3d printing

Metal 3D printing has completely transformed how we design and manufacture products across a range of industries. It is a game-changing technology where complex geometrics and customised designs can be created with unmatched speed and efficiency. The following blog explores three innovative industries being revolutionised by metal 3D printing. Aerospace The aerospace industry has always…

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Sturdy Cycles ramps up production with RAM3D

On our recent drive through the English countryside to visit Tom Sturdy, it was clear to see how the villages with their twisty lanes and hilly terrains were perfect for a riding enthusiast. As an ex professional athlete in Triathlons, it seemed the ideal place for Tom and his customers to ride and test his…

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Build Direction and Orientation

additive manufacturing

When designing your part, keep in mind what way it needs to be orientated on the build plate. Not only will this help the part to build, it will reduce the need for support structures, post processing and provide you with a better part. Most people assume their part will be built with the most…

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Matariki – the past and the future

On Friday 24 June 2022 New Zealand (NZ) celebrated Matariki as a public holiday for the first time.  Matariki is a star cluster known in other parts of the world as Pleiades. In NZ Matariki is known as the Māori New Year as it’s appearance signals the start of the lunar calendar and is a…

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